Frequently Asked Questions

A: Monday – Friday: 8am to 5pm | Saterday: 8am to 4pm | Sunday: 9am t0 2pm

A: You can reach us on (011) 447 8641 | (087) 808 4671 or email us on where we will get you booked in.

A: Our stylist are fully qualified to provide expert advice on all product ranges, specifically to ensure you maintain the elegance & beauty you deserve.


A: Yes indeed we have a variety of nail care services you can book.

A: Yes we do, must be pre booked | On the move

A: Yes, we have an “On The Move” service where we provide the same feeling you get at the salon but all the convenience at your home.

A: Yes, You can get them from the salon or by contacting us on email.

A: Credit | Debit | Cash | Euro | Dollars | Yen | No American Express or Diners Club Card

A: With this question communication is key.☺

We will do everything in our power to accommodate you as best we can.

A: Don’t panic!, we are able to trace your gift voucher.

A: As per to the “late arrivals” question we will do the best we can to accommodate you.